• "Brilliant! Unflinchingly honest on the realities of being homeless but never loses hope, positivity or humour ... With beautiful characters who might be demonised in real life or in the media but who are humanised here. Everyone should read it!"

    Amanda Berriman, author of 'Home'
  • "An inspiring modern retelling of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz . . . Both invigorating and affecting, How to Find Home is an important tale for our times."

    Vanity Fair
  • "Sparky and alive . . . I really cared about Molly"

    Maggie Gee, author of 'My Cleaner'
  • "An unflinching look at homelessness and people who have fallen through the rungs of life but the novel never loses its humanity, hope and humour"

    Sara Manning, Red