• "I pretty much read A FALSE REPORT in one sitting. It is deeply disturbing but brilliant. I hope it helps with the seismic shift needed in attitudes to women who are brave enough to come forward when they have been assaulted."

    Sandi Toksvig
  • "A deep, disturbing, compelling, important book. A False Report digs into timeless issues – crime, victimhood, honesty, sexism – which have never been more timely. It is also a fascinating, sharply written story that will twist and surprise you."

    Susan Orlean, author of The Orchid Thief
  • "Incredibly compelling true-crime... Miller and Armstrong have forensically examined the case of a serial rapist, giving the victims a voice while underlining the importance of collaborative police work and believing testimonies - especially in circumstances of sexual violence."

    A Stylist Spring Pick
  • "The collection of interviews and research is remarkable."

  • "A riveting and disturbing true-crime story that reflects the enduring atrocity of rape in America."


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