Northern Lights - The Graphic Novel Volume 2

Philip Pullman

Lyra and Pantalaimon have journeyed north, in search of the missing children and Lord Asriel. But the frozen wilds are harsh and unhospitable, and fearsome enemies are waiting at every turn. If Lyra is to succeed in her quest, she must enlist the help of unexpected allies: an armoured bear and a witch queen. The path ahead will lead to dark truths and grave danger . . .

The second book in a stunning three-volume graphic novel adaptation of Northern Lights, the first of which won the Prix Jeunesse du Festival d'Angoulême.

  • Doubleday Childrens
  • Published 1st September 2016
  • 80 Pages
  • 155mm x 230mm x 6mm
  • 204g
  • £12.99