• "BEST BOOKS FOR JULY: Expectation has defied all my expectations and completely redefined the friendship novel. Each of the characters resonated with me and I’m in awe of the way Anna Hope captures what it means to be a woman, right here, right now, with all the precision of a surgeon’s knife."

    Red Magazine
  • "Brilliant portrayal of long-term female friendships . . . I was gripped."

  • "The real joy of this novel – while exploring just what second wave feminism has done for this generation of women (“you’ve had everything… we changed the world for you. For our daughters. And what have you done with it?”) – is in it’s writing; the dialogue and the honesty behind these characters who are doing their best, who are trying to live up to the fictional counterparts that they themselves have created… It’s the perfect summer reading"

  • "Hope’s writing is sublime and her characters so well fleshed out they will feel like friends at the end"

    Good Housekeeping
  • "Absolutely encapsulates what it means to be a young woman today, and beyond"

    Grazia Magazine