• "This is an amazing journey, the ultimate quest for the oddest objects - pianos - in the most unlikely place - Siberia. But Sophy Roberts makes it much more than that, an elegant and nuanced journey through literature, through history, through music, murder and incarceration and revolution, through snow and ice and remoteness, to discover the human face of Siberia. I loved this book."

    Paul Theroux
  • "An exuberant, eccentric journey through Russian vastness, European history and Russian culture, The Lost Pianos of Siberia is a quixotic quest, a picaresque travel adventure and a strange forgotten story, all wrapped into one fascinating book."

    Simon Sebag-Montefiore, author of CATHERINE THE GREAT and POTEMKIN
  • "Courage, patience, erudition and a sympathetic imagination… A travel book of rare quality."

    Dervla Murphy
  • "A modern-day Freya Stark."

  • "The Lost Pianos of Siberia is one of those magical books that captures the imagination and draws you into the beauty and majesty of Siberia. Idiosyncratic in style – part travelogue, part history, part detective trail – it is full of wonderful stories about human endurance through adversity and the transformative power of music in the most remote and forgotten outposts of this vast territory. A book to savour and remember."

    Helen Rappaport, author of THE LAST DAYS OF THE ROMANOVS