Ripley's Fun Facts and Silly Stories Activity Annual 2018

Robert Ripley

Featuring brand new Believe It or Not! stories, puzzles, and games, Ripley’s fans are guaranteed to giggle and gasp their way through the Fun Facts & Silly Stories Activity Annual 2018.

Ripley's newest offering for kids ages 7–10, Fun Facts & Silly Stories will delight kids who love the weird, the wild, and the wonderful! Jam-packed with exclusive content not found in any other Ripley's book, this year's activity annual contains fantastic stories, eye-popping photographs and engrossing activities that kids and parents will love.

  • Arrow (Young)
  • Published 7th September 2017
  • 96 Pages
  • 224mm x 308mm x 12mm
  • 710g
  • £7.99