• "You can binge on O’Hara’s collections in the way some people binge on Mad Men, and for some of the same reasons"

    Lorin Stein, Paris Review
  • "Among the greatest short story writers in English, or in any other language"

    Brendan Gill, Here at The New Yorker
  • "O'Hara practices the classic form of the modern short story developed by Joyce and perfected by Hemingway... His coverage is worthy of a Balzac"

    E. L. Doctorow
  • "O'Hara occupies a unique position in our contemporary literature.... He is the only American writer to whom America presents itself as a social scene in the way it once presented itself to Henry James, or France to Proust"

    Lionell Trilling, The New York Times
  • "Superb... The 32 stories inhabit the Technicolor vernaculars of taxi drivers, barbers, paper pushers and society matrons... O'Hara was American fiction's greatest eavesdropper, recording the everyday speech and tone of all strata of midcentury society"

    Wall Street Journal