• "A brilliant history: The first serious and really wide-ranging history of the Home Front during the Great War for decades. Scholarly, objective and extremely well-written. A masterclass . . . that ought to be taught in schools. It is filled with surprising revelations . . . and empathy. Heffer’s eye for the telling detail is evident on almost every page. A remarkable intellectual and literary achievement."

    Professor Andrew Roberts, 5*, Telegraph
  • "Gloriously rich and spirited . . . colourful, character-driven history . . . it zips along, leavened by so many wonderful cultural and social details."

    Dominic Sandbrook, The Sunday Times
  • "Fresh insights, vast scope and caustic judgement. Possibly the finest, most comprehensive analysis of the home front in the Great War ever produced. Compelling reading."

    Literary Review
  • "Enlightening . . . Robust opinion, an eye for telling detail and a gift for bringing historical figures alive . . . An epic, ambitious book."

    History Books of the Year, Daily Mail
  • "Staring at God is a vast compendium of atrocious political conduct. Refreshing . . . [The book]’s length is due to the author’s enormous enthusiasm. A trenchant history."

    The Times
  • "A magisterial history."

    Melanie McDonagh, Daily Mail
  • "The book stands out for its humanity as well as its breadth and detail"

    Allan Mallinson, Books of the Year, The Spectator
  • "The book I read with the most profit this year was the absorbing Staring at God: Britain in the Great War . . . A particular strength of the book is Heffer's understanding - as befits a former deputy editor of the Daily Telegraph - of the role of the press; this was the great age of newspaper proprietors"

    Brendan Simms, Books of the Year, The Spectator
  • "An epic history of Britain. It is every bit as good as its two predecessors. Illuminating. *****"

    Daily Express
  • "[An] admirable book . . . ambitious in its scope, content and approach . . . Heffer's understanding of the personalities and the issues is comprehensive"

    Charles Vyvyan, Standpoint