• "A <b>brilliant, compelling</b> account of what it is like to spend your days caring for patients "on the fringe of existence" ...<i> A</i> <b>hugely life-affirming</b> book. In between the many grim situations encountered on a daily basis, Abbey shows us moments of both joy and deep emotional connection"

    Mail on Sunday
  • "A <b>powerful</b> glimpse into the high stakes of intensive care …Above all this book is <b>insightful </b>about the grey areas where a doctor must go ... Some readers may be wearying of doctor memoirs. This one ... has <b>a freshness and a sincerity that moved me</b>. She is a gifted writer ... <b>honest, compassionate, sensitive</b>… [and] the doctor we would crave in our greatest need"

    The Times
  • "A <b>thoughtful and necessary book about</b> a world all of us might inhabit at some point in our lives"

    Irish Times
  • "A <b>wonderfully frank</b> assessment of the emotions shared – and unshared – between doctors and their patients ... Dr Abbey writes movingly ... and asks us all to think about what we want for ourselves at the end."

    Daily Mail
  • "<b>Bold, courageous and most welcome</b> ... Abbey imparts a wisdom concerning human emotional life that is <b>sophisticated, and also simple and poignant</b> ... Abbey is brave; she is lion-hearted in her no-holes-barred account of what it is like to care for a living ... <b>If she is representative of an emerging generation of healthcare professionals, there is reason to be optimistic for the future of healthcare.</b>"

    Irish Times
  • "<b>Effortlessly absorbing and illuminating</b> ... <i>Seven Signs of Life</i> offers a prismatic set of arguments for a truth that we too often forget: doctors, nurses and consultants are human, too ... a perspective that feels like new territory ... Measured out in Abbey's<b> crystalline, personable voice</b>, it occurs to you that this is a somewhat Herculean feat."

    Belfast Telegraph
  • "<b>Honest, compelling and compassionate ... worthy of a place on the medical school curriculum </b>... Dr Abbey is the type of doctor most people I think would want to find at the side of their bed if they were critically ill. This is a book with a warm heart, but also does not shy from honesty ... This is not a grim read. It's<b> beautifully written, with valuable insights</b> about how different patients and their families want different things from her and it is fascinating."

  • "An extended, often lyrical, reflection on the complex web of emotions – fear and hope, grief and hoy – evoked by the routine life and death dramas of the intensive care unit"