• "This story of how Russia dismantled democracy, and the man who set its template for fake news, is <b>chilling and persuasive</b> ... <b>unignorable</b>... <b>a disturbing and persuasive insight</b>... Snyder's <b>forensic examination </b>of, for example the news cycle that followed the shooting down of flight MH17 makes essential reading ... <b>Meticulously researched</b> and footnoted."

  • "<b>One of the best…brisk, conceptually convincing account of democracy’s retreat in the early years of 21st century</b>"

  • "Snyder’s central thesis is a strong one… <b>Vividly and insightfully told.</b>"

    The Times
  • "A rollercoaster world calls for a news editor’s skills in processing facts and a philosopher’s ability to dissect ideologies. He has both."

    The Economist