• "However overpaid and preening you might assume Premier League footballers to be, think again. They're worse, according to this <b>amusing insider's account</b>"

    Sunday Times Sports Book of the Year
  • "<b>Who knew that a footballer could be funny? </b>... What you realise, as you laugh out loud, is that football has been taken too seriously by too many people for too long... <b>Most other football books wither by comparison</b>"

    Daily Mail Sports Book of the Year
  • "As someone who's been there, done it and got the ill-fitting T-shirt, Crouch <b>is well placed to shed light on the bizarre world of the modern player in a funny, down-to-earth way</b>... He made his name on the pitch ... but with this book, Crouch proves he is a good sport off it, too."

  • "On his way to being <b>a national treasure</b>... most enjoyable"

    Daily Telegraph
  • "<b>The funniest man in British sport</b>"