• "An inspirational memoir from an extraordinary woman. The Heat of the Moment does for the fire service what Adam Kay’s This Is Going to Hurt did for the NHS. A humbling, jaw-dropping read which redefines what is possible in life"

    Viv Groskop
  • "Gripping, heart-stopping and profoundly reassuring. Thank heavens for such courage."

    Sue Black, author of All That Remains
  • "A vivid reminder of the horrors that firefighters face daily - and the debt of gratitude society owes them . . . This book challenges assumptions about who firefighters are, and about what women can do."

    The Guardian
  • "[One of] the wonder women of our emergency services"

  • "An immersive insight into a job which few of us could do, by a woman whose award-winning research into decision-making in the emergency services has transformed policy at a global level."