• "Fascinating . . . Wild Game is a memoir that reads like a novel . . . describes -- beautifully -- the anguish of a child trapped in a tangled web of love and betrayal that affects her emotional decisions into adulthood"

    The Times
  • "Eye-popping . . . As books about families, sex and complicity go, this one’s right up there"

  • "Impossible-to-look-away-from... builds with anticipation and continues to unfold with observations and revelations" Best Books of 2019
  • "A sumptuous memoir of Brodeur’s glamorous, cocktail-sodden, spectacularly self-involved mother"

    Sunday Times
  • "Exquisite and harrowing . . . so gorgeously written and deeply insightful, and with a line of narrative tension that never slacks, from the first page to the last, that it’s one you’ll likely read in a single, delicious sitting"

    New York Times Book Review