• "A brilliant book"

    Jon Ronson
  • "A very funny and wise book about the blatant rudeness that surrounds us. Danny Wallace on top form"

    Matt Haig
  • "A meaty cry for human decency, wrapped in a deliciously hilarious hot dog bun. I plan to read it again and then force-feed it to my neighbour, my mother, and my college roommate. If you care about people and enjoy a good laugh, I politely encourage you to read this book. Immediately."

    Adam Grant, author of 'Originals'
  • "Hilarious"

  • "Danny Wallace, author, actor, and comedian, wrote the rudeness manifesto itself."
  • "His [Danny Wallace’s] research on the psychology of rudeness can give us key insights as to what's going on right now and what we can do to become more empathetic"

    Psychology Today