• An up-all-night gripping story with characters who feel as real as you and me. Lisa Jewell is the kind of writer you read twice – once as a breathless reader, to see how the story unfolds, and then again to try to work out how she makes it look so easy.

    Erin Kelly
  • Really good, gripping. I couldn't bear for it to finish.

    Olivia Colman
  • I am always reminded of Ruth Rendell at her very best when I read Lisa Jewell. Not only is her plotting masterful, Lisa has the rare ability to make you care - passionately - about all her characters, whether they are important or minor, instantly appealing or apparently monstrous. Invisible Girl is quite brilliant in every way.

    Jane Casey
  • Dark, gripping, emotionally intense. My heart hurt from being squeezed so tight.

    Tamar Cohen
  • A breathtakingly brilliant novel by an author at the absolute top of her game.

    Jenny Colgan

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