• "A breathtakingly accurate and vivid portrait of modern dating dynamics between men and women."

    Dolly Alderton
  • "So real it hurts."

    Marie Claire
  • "One of the most talked-about stories ever."

    Sunday Times
  • "The equivalent of boiling water poured directly onto an exposed nerve... the most famous short story of the century."

  • "[This] short story on bad romance captured the imagination of men and women worldwide, sparking a debate that continues today."

    Sunday Times Style
  • "What is it about Cat Person?... The beauty of this story is that it has become a case study for men and women to talk about what makes heterosexual sex so confusing."

    The Economist
  • "It is rare for a work of fiction to spark such a flurry of excitement, but Cat Person touches a nerve and manages to depict how it feels to be a young woman now."

    Financial Times
  • "The short story that has sent tongues wagging and keyboards tapping since it was published... #CatPerson has cast light on an oft-experienced but rarely discussed form of sexual consent: when yes means no."

  • "Trending on Twitter, choking Facebook newsfeeds, and whizzing through the ether by email… Cat Person has been a phenomenal success... It’s a game-changer."

    Evening Standard
  • "Cat Person is both brilliant and disarming in its exploration of the artifice of gender."

    New Statesman

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