• "The best evocation of the all-consuming, self-eroding reality of motherhood, while also being luminous with love."

    The Sunday Times
  • "Rare are the books about motherhood, rarer still; the true, the generous, tender, resonant ones. This is that book. I loved it and I love Clover’s voice."

    Sophie Dahl
  • "I have been waiting for a book like this for a long time. Stroud captures the very essence of motherhood in all its contradictions - the brutal loveliness of what it is to mother another, and how the act of doing so breaks us open in ways both wonderful and terrible. There are few other books about motherhood as brave, honest and beautifully written as this one."

    Sarah Langford, author of In Your Defence
  • "The best memoirists don’t just tell us about their lives – they tell us something about our lives, too. And Clover Stroud is one of our finest contemporary memoirists. My Wild and Sleepless Nights – her pitiless examination of her life as the mother of five children – is a masterpiece."

    Esther Coren
  • "I ripped through it. Bravo brave Clover Stroud, who writes about “raw and animal” motherhood in a way that make sense to me."

    Amy Liptrot
  • "Brilliant – touching, tender, honest and so true. I don’t think I’ve ever read anything like it. It captures that hopeless sense of how much you love your children and how powerless you feel as they grow up and away from you."

    Eleanor Mills
  • "So raw and vivid. Clover is amazing and honest – she tells it."

    Rachel Johnson
  • "What a beautiful writer Clover Stroud is! This honest look at the high and lows of the roller coaster that is maternal life and love is both joyous and exhilarating."

    Cathy Rentzenbrink
  • "Clover Stroud writes with precise intimacy and fearless honesty. She has somehow found a wholly original way to describe motherhood and, in doing so, truly conveys what it's like, in all its messy, sexy glory."

    Hadley Freeman
  • "A compelling read. Clover writes so beautifully and somehow manages to give shape to the mess and madness of motherhood."

    Lucy Atkins