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    'On the subject of behavioural design, there is no one on earth who could author a more informative and anticipated book than BJ Fogg’
    Robert Cialdini


    author of 'Persuasion'
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    'This book is a rare diamond in a vast market: a self-help book that actually helps. That’s because it is informed by scientific enquiry. BJ Fogg is, deservedly, a cult figure not only among behavioural science academics but also in the business world. As a behavioural science fanatic, I cannot wait to read it: as an overweight behavioural science fanatic, I cannot wait to try its prescriptions’
    Rory Sutherland


    Ogilvy VC and author of 'Alchemy'
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    ‘BJ Fogg is a Stanford and Silicon Valley legend. He teaches people small research-based steps that enable them to make big, good and enduring changes in their lives. Tiny Habits makes his simple secret sauce available to everybody; it is a joy to read and packed with easy steps that will help you do more of what you want – and less of what you don’t’
    Robert Sutton


    author of 'The Asshole Survival Guide'
  • "BJ Fogg is one of those rare individuals who can brilliantly balance a thorough understanding of research with the ability to make that research useful and understandable in the real world. What makes Tiny Habits so powerful is that the behaviour change seems so doable, and thus it will have a multi-level appeal across every domain from home to work, from business leaders and educators to parents and students. Shawn Achor"

    author of 'The Happiness Advantage' and 'Big Potential'
  • "BJ Fogg has accomplished the almost impossible task of turning something we all angst over constantly (doing better) into a simple (and fun!) game to play, with super rewards. Eliminating the ‘should's’ and demystifying personal habit change to a set of basic principles lets us all breathe easier. David Allen"

    author of 'Getting Things Done'