• "As an account of this mighty and vitally significant clash of armies, Normandy ’44 stands as richly impressive, hard to surpass"

    William Boyd, TImes Literary Supplement
  • "A superb account of the invasions that deserves immense praise…To convey the human drama of Normandy requires great knowledge and sensitivity. Holland has both in spades"

    The Times
  • "An invigorating new history of the Allied invasion of France"

    Strong Words Magazine
  • "A readable account of one of the 20th century's most defining battles provides a strategic overview enlivened by personal accounts of the horror ... for the general reader there are plenty of surprises"

    The i
  • "An impressive new account of D-Day ... Holland knows his stuff when it comes to military matters ... he reads the minds of the generals, their tactics, their blunders - on both sides"

    Daily Mail