• A wonderful book

    Gillian Anderson, actress, activist and mother
  • I absolutely loved this book. The author really ‘gets’ the challenges of modern parenting and through her extensive contact with parents and hearing first-hand about their experiences, for the first time I really felt understood. I am going to treasure this book and keep it by my side, so I can dip into it any time I am feeling overwhelmed or stressed. It makes you feel like you suddenly have a wise friend helping you along this difficult parenting journey, full of useful, practical tips. This book is about the power of mindfulness and self-awareness, and it’s so much more than that; it shows you how to develop a deeper connection with yourself and your child – and leads you both on the path to resilience.

    Josie Jacobs, positive psychologist and mother
  • The messages and learnings inside are helpful for any parent who feels held back by feelings of inadequacy, stress and anxiety… there were sections which resonated with me immediately, and I can’t believe they won’t also with a great number of mums and dads out there, who find themselves struggling a little bit. [This] step-by-step guide navigates the demands of being a parent alongside the demands you put on yourself – and those of others – and coming out of it feeling like you’re on top, instead of always fighting a rearguard action.
  • This is a must-read for any parent who feels stressed out and living in an environment often rife with tension and anxiety.

    Martha Alexander, Evening Standard, Best Parenting Books
  • A wonderful book!

    Gillian Anderson, author and actress

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