• "Subversive and sophisticated… [Rosie Price’s] exploration of sexual violence and class makes for an unforgettable read"

    Elle, **Books to Look Out for in 2019**
  • "Bringing together themes of survival, agency, complicity, self-denial and, ultimately, courage, this assured book is one of the most powerful debuts you’ll ever read."

  • "An incredibly nuanced exploration of the complexities of sexual violence, WHAT RED WAS heralds the arrival of a major new literary talent. This is an important book."

    Louise O'Neill, author of ASKING FOR IT and ALMOST LOVE
  • "WHAT RED WAS is a gripping novel that shines an unflinching light on trauma and its prismatic impact. A deeply necessary book, elegant and assured even as it burns at the centre with cool, clear-eyed rage."

    Sophie Mackintosh, author of THE WATER CURE
  • "One of the best books I've ever read about female rage and transgression, and the boundaries of both family and art, shot through with gorgeous prose, wrapped in a thrilling plot. WHAT RED WAS is at once incredibly timely and one for the ages. An assured and stealthily brilliant debut that people will be talking about for a long time"

    Lisa Gabriele, author of THE WINTERS