• "O’Neill's investigations started twenty years ago…and they have continued ever since … His research monomaniacally took over his life … [Full of] scandalous findingsAs it develops, O'Neill's tale embroils an increasingly stellar cast of accomplices or enablersNo unified field theory of malfeasance would be complete without a link to the JFK assassination and the ensuing cover-up. O’Neill supplies one, and to me it seems only too plausible. Inevitably there are contemporary resonancesO’Neill's intricately sinister ‘secret history’ often sounds incredible; that doesn't mean that it's not all true."

  • "A kaleidoscope swirl of weird discoveries and mind-bending hypotheticals that reads like Raymond Chandler."

    New York Times
  • "Chaos explodes a bomb under Manson’s Helter Skelter race war … TantalizingFounded on prodigious research, it convincingly impugns key tenets of Bugliosi’s [Helter Skelter] narrative and exhumes a trove of provocative dataExplosive revelationsO’Neill’s 20-year investigation reads like a thriller with overtones of Philip Marlowe."

    Los Angeles Times
  • "A 20-year quest for the truth may have not found any definitive answers — but it definitely changes the storyChaos offers a slew of newly reported information that proves one thing: There’s more to it than we thought."

    Rolling Stone
  • "Whatever you think you know about the Manson murders is wrong. Just flat out wrong. Tom O’Neill’s twenty years of meticulous research has unearthed revelations about the murders, the murderers, the prosecutors who tried them and a rogues gallery of cops, drug dealers, bent doctors, famous celebrities, grotesque government research, secret agents and shadowy figures in a conspiracy/cover up so sweeping and bizarre, you’ll be as astounded as you are terrified. If your friends call you paranoid, maybe they’re just ignorant."

    Joe Ide, author of 'IQ' and 'Wrecked'

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