• "A large, rich, heterogeneous book, and hallelujah... Mouth Full of Blood is a bracing reminder of what words do, how carefully they should and can be used… magnificent [and] rigorously argued"

    RO Kwon, Guardian
  • "Morrison's voice rings out, bold and hopeful, welcoming us into a world where moral integrity reigns"

    Culture Whisperer
  • "Mouth Full of Blood demonstrate[s] the writer’s enduring eagerness to examine the contradictions of being both “native” and “alien” to her own country… She takes pride in challenging a traditional literary canon… at every stage, the reader is grateful for an author allowing, encouraging even, such intimate access to their work, thought and reflections"

    K Biswas, New Statesman
  • "[Mouth Full of Blood] proves Morrison to be as astute and important an essayist as she is a novelist… These pieces are a wake-up call… [and] a brilliant insight into the mind and work of one of the world’s finest writers"

    Anita Sethi, i
  • "Morrison’s fierce yearning for literature to be a more true and just realm over time, is a gift… [Mouth Full of Blood] is startling in its relevance to the conflicts and challenges of the present moment. In a time of turmoil and political greed, her writings have the power to bring, not a false comfort, but the hard-won belief that words can reshape the world. Toni Morrison’s own words certainly have"

    Nilanjana Roy, Financial Times
  • "Intensely thought-provoking essays exploring themes of race, gender and globalisation… [Morrison’s] writing. Is just. Unparalleled, truly unparalleled… If anyone can write about this, it's Toni Morrison. It's powerful stuff. As you read it you find yourself circling every second sentence – everything is quotable. She truly is a master of language"

    Culture Calling
  • "Brace yourself for writing that is confrontational, unforgettable and exquisite… Not one word is either trivial or banal. Morrison’s thinking is as arresting and uncompromising as her politics… she has that unique and powerful quality, authority"

    Patricia Duncker, Tablet
  • "A startlingly relevant collection that speaks to now"

    Financial Times
  • "Morrison’s words possess a contemporary resonance, delivering unwavering truths with an intelligent rage that is almost equal to her hope"


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