• "Alex Rühle has created a warm-hearted, smart children’s book which easily lends itself to reading aloud or on one's own. There is a lot of wordplay (not least because Zippel likes to rhyme) and impish slapstick. The brightly coloured comicbook style of Gruffalo-artist Axel Scheffler is a perfect match to the text. A story about family and everyday problems, friendship, courage and a very special little ghost"

    Anja Witzke, Donaukurier
  • "This fascinating story contains a lot of wit and has been skillfully illustrated. It is also well suited for reading aloud to children age 6 and up"

    Züricher Oberländer
  • "The book contains many colourful pictures by Axel Scheffler (The Gruffalo). First and foremost, though, Alex Rühle’s children’s book debut impresses with its informal child-friendly narrative style and lots of hilarious ideas. A gem which leaves you wishing for more"

    Hamburger Morgenpost
  • "This heart-warming and funny story about friendship, courage and mysterious neighbours has been written in such a fascinating way that all children between 5 and 9 will get their money’s worth. And the great illustrator of The Gruffalo, Axel Scheffler, illustrates all of this lovingly and inventively, so that his illustrations alone make you want to flip through the pages. But by that time you are already hooked"

    Süddeutsche Zeitung
  • "Entertaining reading adventure, superbly illustrated by Axel Scheffler"

    Westfälische Nachrichten