• "Deeply philosophical and teasingly perplexing, it is impossible to put down"

    Daily Telegraph
  • "Visionary...a bold and generous book"

    New York Times
  • "Critics have variously likened him to Raymond Carver, Raymond Chandler, Arthur C. Clarke, Don DeLillo, Philip K. Dick, Bret Easton Ellis and Thomas Pynchon - a roster so ill assorted as to suggest Murakami is in fact an original"

    New York Times
  • "Murakami writes of contemporary Japan, urban alienation and journey's of self-discovery, and in this book he combines recollections of the war with metaphysics, dreams and hallucinations into a powerful and impressionistic work"

  • "Mesmerising, surreal, this really is the work of a true original"

    The Times