• Superbly crafted...the weird and the outlandish exist side-by-side with everyday concerns... Russell is among the most skilled of this generation’s fabulist writers. In her surreal worlds, life is passing strange, but it is not devoid of wry comfort

    Nilanjana Roy, Financial Times
  • I loved Orange World by Karen Russell, which is a collection of short stories in which demons live in drains, bog women come back from the dead and trees can grow inside the human body

    Daisy Johnson, New Statesman, Books of the Year
  • One of our most original short story writers... Russell has impeccable command of her form... Russell’s particular gift lies in taking themes that are close to universal and presenting them in stories whose strangeness comes to seem entirely natural, even necessary

    New York Times Book Review
  • A mesmerising, often hilarious, new collection that embraces survival, love and magnificent transformation

    Craig Brown, Mail on Sunday, *Books of the Year*
  • The must-read short-story collection of the summer... Orange World makes me want to shout with joy. Russell's ease with her material, her sheer glee on the page, shines through in each piece... Delicious... We're in the hands of a master

    Washington Post
  • Russell’s writing inhabits its own universe, with metaphor and simile taking us to strange new places; we are led by the hand and find ourselves completely submerged, only later to come to, groggily, in our own world... The worlds of the stories are entirely convincing, small pockets in which it is possible to become lost... Orange World demonstrates how her attention to this tricky craft has paid off. Though her characters are living their own magic-realist, fabulist lives, it is possible to see ourselves within them, peering out.

    Daisy Johnson, Guardian
  • Russell creates fully realized worlds. Her writing is particular and alive. Her imagination spills over the sink and hits the backsplash

    Dwight Garner, New York Times
  • Russell exposes the central core of the strange in the familiar landmarks of American history. Incandescent…horror always cohabits with humor...A superb collection

    Maureen Corrigan, Wall Street Journal
  • magic...The scope of Russell's imagine is hard to conceive – you'll need to read to believe.


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