• "Ultimately, it is the stories which make the case for Cheever as a great American writer, one who continues to deserve our attention and admiration"

    Jay McInerney
  • "John Cheever has a voice filled with irony and comedy and pain that, on some level, I’m always seeking to emulate"

    Matthew Weiner, Creator of Mad Men
  • "John Cheever is an enchanted realist, and his voice, in his luminous short stories…is as rich and distinctive as any of the leading voices of postwar American literature"

    Philip Roth
  • "Cheever shows a sublime psychological understanding of all that goes unsaid – whatever’s not mentioned between couples is fully present and felt"

    A M Homes
  • "As stories go, as compellingly readable narratives of a certain sort of people in a certain time and place — our time and place—John Cheever's stories are, simply, the best"

    Washington Post