• "Sophie brings wisdom and a sense of calm to the often anxiety-filled time of birth and new motherhood. Her mindfulness guides are a must-have for all women."

    Milli Hill, author of The Positive Birth Book and Birth Like a Feminist
  • "This book is like a gentle hug for new mothers. A wonderful resource that will help new mothers navigate the waters that they find themselves in after giving birth. There is no other resource like this that gives you the tools to cope with becoming a new mother while honouring the process at the same time. A must read for mothers-to-be, new mums and anyone supporting them."

    Dr Claire Harris, GP
  • "A supremely honest book. This delivers what we know to expect from Sophie Fletcher - space to breathe, permission to be, guidance on that transition to become mothers. She allows the reader to come to terms and then empower them to navigate their own path as mothers."

    Jenny Parsons, midwife