• "Rainsford writes beautifully with a lyrical, earthy prose which is evocative and eviscerating yet mesmerising. She gives Ada a unique voice which fills and haunts the narrative. One of the strangest books I've read in a long time, it is utterly compelling and will linger, uninvited, in your consciousness long after you've turned the last page."

    Irish Independent
  • "Bound in imagination and riveting from start to finish."

    STORGY magazine
  • "Follow Me To Ground is an unnerving, beautifully controlled tour-de-force, a sinister tale that questions our preconceptions of predator and prey and the consequences of unchecked desire."
  • "Riveting read... a modern-day folk-tale."

    Bookmunch Blogger
  • "Quite extraodinary. Dense, subtle and beautiful. I want to start reading it all over again"

    ANNE YOUNGSON, author of Costa-shortlisted MEET ME AT THE MUSEUM
  • "Seethingly assured ... odd and muscular enough to resist easy interpretation. It can be read on many levels – as a fable about female yearning, or about containment and contagion; as an investigation into toxic relationships or a puzzle over the borders between human and non-human – but it is always singularly and entirely itself"