• "An elegant, dreamlike tale of a woman’s self-realisation in contemporary Beijing… a superb character study of a woman unrooted… Yu’s writing has an arresting, unadorned lyricism"

    Daily Telegraph
  • "A seductive, sharply observed tale of love, loss and hope that moves from high-rise Beijing to rural Tibet and the mysterious, magical ‘world of water’"

    Fanny Blake, Daily Mail
  • "A startlingly original imagination... Braised Pork is a sensitive portrait of alienated young womanhood as it is set free"

  • "Rich and strange Braised Pork is a debut that gets under your skin"

    Anthony Cummins, Observer
  • "Braised Pork is mesmerising, incisive and utterly disarming. An Yu writes beautifully about loneliness, the experience of isolation — from others, from one’s own past — and the possibility of human connection, however fragile."

    Rosie Price