• Above Average at Games is the sort of book that should be tackled from the comfort of a deep leather armchair in front of the fire at the Drone Club […] If Wodehouse hadn’t found success with Jeeves and Wooster and Lord Emsworth and all that crowd, he would have made an excellent sports writer […] He writes with great affection about the sporting world.

    Sunday Times
  • There are several authors whose work should be required reading for every youngster in the land . . . PG Wodehouse, widely regarded as the greatest comic author of the twentieth century, is [one] . . . Novelist Richard T. Kelly has selected, edited and introduced a rip-roaring anthology . . . we’re treated to extremely funny observations on cricket, golf, boxing, rugby and even baseball.

    Wales Evening Post: Sports Book of the Month
  • [H]ilarious and incisive; Wodehouse brilliantly sends up his own ineptitude (he was an 18 handicap), while managing to write of the sport with keenness of insight.

    Irish Times
  • [E]ven if you aren’t [interested in the technical aspects], bits make you laugh out loud.


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