• "One of his best books, very handsomely published too… [The Man in the Red Coat is] a bravura performance, highly entertaining."

    Evening Standard, Book of the Week
  • "What a deliciously intelligent entertainment this is, couched in a prose of enviable suppleness a master is at work here."

    Daily Telegraph
  • "Do not google Samuel Jean Pozzi. If you want to enjoy Julian Barnes’s The Man in the Red Coat — and believe me, it’s teeming with delights — stay away from search engines and trust the author to tell the story in his own way… punctuated by the sound of gunshot[this is a] brilliant, defiantly unconventional book."

  • "[The Man in the Red Coat is] top international tittle-tattlesparkling and very enjoyable."

    The Times
  • "Fascinating history, biography and philosophy rolled into one. In The Man in the Red Coat, Barnes is the ideal guide toa delightful amble through La Belle Epoquea riveting dissection of an era."