• The nutrition revolution is well underway and Tim Spector is one of the visionaries leading the way. His writing is illuminating and so incredibly timely.

    Yotam Ottolenghi
  • Spoon-Fed was written before the pandemic but it covers ground that is as relevant now as ever... Spoon-Fed is a worthy successor to Spector's earlier bestselling book, The Diet Myth... This new book is broader, but he manages to distil a huge amount of research into a clear and practical summary that leaves you with knowledge that will actually help you decide what to add to your next grocery shop... This is one of the clearest and most accessible short nutrition books I have read: refreshingly open-minded, deeply informative and free of faddish diet rules.

    Bee Wilson, Guardian
  • Sacred cows fall thick and fast in this slim but densely packed volume... Spector is great at explaining just why so much of what we believe about food and nutrition is at best debatable and at worst downright wrong... This survey of the 'known unknowns' of nutrition reads like a clarion call for change, as well as for better standards in science and its dissemination... This book should be available on prescription.

    Felicity Cloake, Literary Review
  • Spoon-Fed is a hugely enjoyable and critical look at common food myths, ranging from the claim that calories accurately measure how fattening a food is to the idea that all meat is bad for us. Professor Spector really delves into the science and delivers his conclusions is a clear and amusingly forthright way. It is a worthy successor to his previous best seller, The Diet Myth.

    Michael Mosley
  • A remarkable book... It's a smoothie-dropping read. First [Spector] chucks your clean-eating, vegan, ketogenic lunch out of the window. Then he scrapes your high-fat, low-carb, Palaeolithic, gluten-free and lectin-free menus into the bin.

    Michael Odell, The Times
  • The bestselling author of The Diet Myth, Tim Spector has built a reputation as a culinary demystifier. In his latest, Spoon-Fed...he dishes up a harrowing tale of the food industry...its reassuring message that if you have a balanced diet, most of the things you eat won't actually kill you... A useful correction to the nonsense routinely peddled by self-appointed diet gurus.

    Rachel Farrow, Express and Star
  • Spoon-Fed is the gastro-science literature flavour of the month... We don't know our artichokes from our elbows when it comes to what constitutes a healthy meal.

    Niall Toner, Sunday Times
  • There is much to savour in Spector's breezy demolition of the claims of both the greedy food corporations and the joyless "food police."

    Jonathan Prynn, Evening Standard

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