• Moyo's diagnosis of the recent disasters in financial markets is succinct and sophisticated...I applaud her brave alarum against our economic and social complacency: her core concerns are sufficiently close to painful truths to warrant our attention.

    Paul Collier, The Observer
  • We [in the West] have alienated trading partners and are colluding in the decline of our own prosperity, says Moyo, who sets out strategies for weighting the political seesaw back to our advantage.

    Iain Finlayson, The Times
  • This argument...can rarely have been made more concisely...Moyo is a very serious lady indeed.

    Dominic Lawson, The Times
  • The sad saga of the recession gives legs to Dambisa Moyo's provocatively-entitled book, for it goes to the heart of the great economic issue of our times: how swiftly will power shift over this century?

    Hamish McRae, The Independent