• Greg Zuckerman was the first to tell the world about John Paulson's sensational trade... He's written the definitive account of a strange and wonderful subplot of the financial crisis.

    Michael Lewis, author of Liar's Poker
  • Zuckerman takes us to Wall Street's heart of darkness, where mushroomed a $1 trillion subprime mortgage market that only the few, the brave, the smart dared short. This is at once a great page-turner and a great illuminator of the market's crash.

    John Heylar, co-author of Barbarians at the Gate
  • Much, much more than a brilliant account of Paulson's trade of the century; this book also provides a highly enjoyable and lucid journey through the analytical and emotional maze that constituted the financial markets on the eve of the Great Recession. Compulsory reading.

    Mohamed El-Erian, CEO of Pacific Investment Management Co and author of When Markets Collide
  • A magnificent insider look at how Paulson and others profited off of subprime's demise... insightful and gripping.
  • Zuckerman has a story to tell, a thread to follow, and it just happens to turn out that by following the saga of John Paulson, he reveals all kinds of fascinating perspectives on complex finance, the real estate bubble and Wall Street and Washington's difficulties in putting the two together.
  • More than a cinematic narrative of how Paulson and others figured out how to short the market. We're also reminded of how opaque and illiquid some financial instruments are, how little Wall Street executives understood them, and how difficult it was for more knowledgeable bankers to say that the subprime emperor had no clothes.


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