• A beautiful, barnstorming thunderclap of a book

    Michael White, Mail on Sunday
  • Mount Improbable is Dawkins's metaphor for natural selection: its peaks standing for evolution's most complex achievements; the human brain, the squid's eye, and the albatross's aeronautical prowess ... exhilarating - a perfect, elegant riposte to a great deal of fuzzy thinking about natural selection and evolution

    Robin McKie, Observer
  • Dawkins has done more than anyone else now writing to make evolutionary biology comprehensible and acceptable

    Sunday Times
  • One of the most gifted storytellers of our generation ... He is a missionary who writes like an angel. He is to Darwinism what Saint Paul is to Christianity

    Scotland on Sunday
  • Dazzling

    David Attenborough
  • A cracking good book on evolution

    John Gribbin