• Tremendously entertaining ****

  • Excellent ... a fascinating explanation of what it means to be human

    Financial Times
  • Remarkable. A philosophical joyride. The day that a machine creates work of such wit and originality, we should all be very worried

    The Times
  • An epic tour of philosophical, linguistic and scientific discovery. We stop off in places as far-flung as existential anxiety, predictive text and Gary Kasparov's defeat by Deep Blue. A lively, personable read and an overpowering affirmation of our species ****

    Time Out
  • Lively, thought-stirring, entertaining, invaluable ... compelling insights

    John Gray, New Statesman
  • Dense with ideas, terrific. One of the rare successful literary offspring of Gödel, Escher, Bach, where art and science meet an engaged mind and the friction produces real fire

    New Yorker
  • Fast-paced, witty, and thoroughly winning ... investigates the nature of human interactions, the meaning of language, and the essence of what sets us apart from machines ... fabulous

    Publishers Weekly
  • An irreverent picaresque ... What Christian learns along the way is that if machines win the imitation game as often as they do, it's not because they're getting better at acting human; it's because we're getting worse ... An authentic son of Frost, he learns by going where he has to go, and in doing so proves that both he and his book deserve their title

    The New York Times
  • Immensely ambitious and bold, intellectually provocative, while at the same time entertaining and witty - a delightful book about how to live a meaningful, thriving life

    Alan Lightman, author of Einstein's Dreams
  • Such an important book ... Brian Christian takes on this very weighty task, and somehow makes it fun

    Brian Shenk, author of The Genius in all of Us