• A practical, pacy and punchy toolkit. A masterclass in how to succeed and stay sane. A fiercely practical, eternally upbeat and utterly enjoyable textbook for success ... incisive, self-deprecating and hilarious.

    Management Today
  • A highly enjoyable, high-energy new book about success and getting it. Ambitious or not this book will amuse you, provoke you, challenge you, help you and cheer you up.

    Jeanette Winterson, Times
  • Mrs Moneypenny. Working mother, businesswoman... just like me, really

    Elle Macpherson
  • Brilliant, funny, inspirational

    Chantal Coady, Founder, Rococo Chocolates
  • I wish I had ended up as worldly wise, energetic and well-connected as she plainly is

    Bill Emmott, The Times
  • Who needs Bond when Mrs Moneypenny comes to our rescue every Saturday?

    Stephen Hester, CEO, Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Mrs M is the FT's sexy little secret...she writes with great wit and deftness

    David Yelland, Former Editor, The Sun