The Old-Girl Network

Catherine Alliott

Number one bestselling author Catherine Alliott tells a hilarious story about the twists and turns of love, loyalty and getting mixed up in someone else's affairs in The Old-Girl Network.
Finding true love's a piece of cake - as long as you're looking for someone else's true love . . .
Polly McLaren is young, scatty and impossibly romantic. She works for an arrogant and demanding boss, and has a gorgeous if never-there-when-you-need-him boyfriend. But the day a handsome stranger recognises her old school scarf, her life is knocked completely off kilter.
Adam is American, new to the country and begs Polly's help in finding his missing fiancé. Over dinner at the Savoy, she agrees - the girls of St Gertrude's look out for one another. However, the old-girl network turns out to be a spider's web of complications and deceit in which everyone and everything Polly cares about is soon hopelessly entangled.
The course of true love never did run smooth. But no one said anything about ruining your life over it. And it's not even Polly's true love . . .
Step into Alliott Country with The Old-Girl Network.
'Compulsively readable' The Times
'Hilarious and full of surprises' Daily Telegraph

  • Penguin
  • Published 10th May 2012
  • 592 Pages
  • £7.99