Ali Smith, Ali Smith (Read by)

The unabridged, downloadable audiobook edition of Ali Smith's remarkable exploration of love, life and death, read by the author herself.

Originally four lectures given by Ali Smith at Oxford University, Artful is a tidal wave of ideas in four thematically organised bursts of thought: 'On Time', 'On Form', 'On Edge' and 'On Offer and On Reflection'.

Refusing to be tied down to either fiction or the essay form, Artful is narrated by a character who is haunted - literally - by a former lover, the writer of a series of lectures about art and literature. Full of both the poignancy and humour of fiction and all the sideways insights and jaunty angles you would expect from Ali Smith's criticism, it explores form, style, life, love, death, mortality, immortality and what art and writing can mean.

  • Hamish Hamilton
  • Published 2nd May 2013
  • 240 Minutes
  • £9.00