• Superb ... frantic with imagination and frantic with the appetite to see what happens next

    Ned Beauman, Observer
  • What a glorious ride! Like the woman said: brain 'splode

    Sam Leith, Guardian
  • This is a mesmerizing, captivating, haunting book - a wonderful addition to a brilliant oeuvre

    Harry Ritchie, Sunday Times
  • Spectacular, a piece of trenchant, far-future speculation that features all the eyeball kicks of Neuromancer and all the maturity and sly wit of Spook Country. It's brilliant

    Cory Doctorow
  • A swirlingly philosophical quantum daydream of drones and bodyswapping

    Daily Telegraph Books of the Year
  • When it comes to speculative fiction that reveals how we live by creating a not too unimaginable alternative reality, William Gibson is the don


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