• A truly beautiful book ... Why do physicists call their theories beautiful? Immerse yourself in this book, wallow in it, sit back and relax as you wander through it, and you'll soon understand.

    Richard Muller, author of Physics for Future Presidents
  • Anyone who wants to see how science and transcendence can be compatible must read this book. Wilczek has caught the winds of change, and his thinking breaks through some sacred boundaries with curiosity, insight, and intellectual power.

    Deepak Chopra, M.D.
  • Illuminating ... A fresh perspective on modern scientific thinking from an expert with a flair for jargon-free exposition ... Wilczek writes A Beautiful Question with bracing pizzazz ... Contains more beef than many a finely written scientific potboiler.

    Graham Farmelo, Guardian
  • The first book I've read in which I've felt that almost vertiginous sensation of peering through layers of theories down to the true nature of the universe ... At times this is a challenging text, but it is well worth the effort. Wilczek is admirably clear in his explanations.

    Lewis Dartnell, Telegraph
  • It's rare that scientists as brilliant as Wilczek give us a glimpse of what goes on inside their heads ... Expect to come away pretty dazzled.

    BBC Focus
  • [A] searching and earnest book ... The book of a love-struck physicist ... A Beautiful Question is a meditation.

    Amy X. Wang, Slate
  • A Beautiful Question is both a brilliant exploration of largely uncharted territories and a refreshingly idiosyncratic guide to developments in particle physics.

  • Wilczek's sheer pleasure in the beauty of mathematics is the engine and joy of this book ... [A] rewarding read ... There is a lot of food for the mind here, but also some for the eye.

    Andrea Wulf, Financial Times
  • [An] eccentrically brilliant book

    Steven Poole, Spectator