• Publisher's description. Fast, thrilling and compulsively addictive, <i>The Circle</i> is Dave Eggers' bestselling novel about our obsession with the internet and where it may lead. When Mae Holland lands her dream job at the world's most powerful internet company, she has no idea what awaits behind the doors of The Circle...

  • Prescient, important and enjoyable ... a deft modern synthesis of Swiftian wit with Orwellian prognostication'

  • A stunning work of terrifying plausability ... a worthy and entertaining read

    Publisher's Weekly
  • Eggers has set his style and pace to technothriller: the writing is brisk, spare and efficient ... it works

  • <i>The Circle </i>is 'Brave New World' for our brave new world ... fast, witty and troubling

    Washington Post
  • An elegantly told, compulsively readable parable for the 21st Century

    Vanity Fair
  • Eggers's writing is so fluent, his ventriloquism of tech-world dialect so light, his denouement so enjoyably inevitable

  • A gripping and highly unsettling read

    Sunday Times
  • Unputdownable

  • Tremendous novel ... inventive, big hearted and very funny. Prepare to be addicted

    Daily Mail
  • Compelling and deeply contemporary

    L.A Times
  • Eggers brilliantly depicts the Internet binges, torrents of information and endless loops of feedback that increasingly characterize modern life