• A book of marvels

    Financial Times
  • Spectacular ... If I could walk you to your nearest bookshop, take £30 from your wallet, and place this wonderful book in your hands, I would

    Sunday Times
  • One of the cultural highlights of the autumn is an edge-of-the-seat tale inspired by Medieval Manuscripts. Christopher de Hamel has turned a lifelong obsession with ancient literature into a book that critics are comparing to <i>A History of the World in 100 Objects</i> and the wonderful <i>The Hare with Amber Eyes</i>.

  • Reading is my life, but only about once a decade do I find a book that seems to tilt the world, so afterwards it appears different.

    The Economist '1843'
  • De Hamel's book, scholarly but unfailingly readable, is the beginning of wisdom in all things scribal and scriptural