• An excellent work ... Parts are as thought-provoking as reading Kant himself - and a damned sight easier

  • Exemplary ... Genuinely subversive

    A. O. Scott, New York Times
  • A spirited defence of the aspiration to maturity. As Neiman sagely observes, by clinging impotently to youth, we impoverish youth and maturity alike . . . Neiman is an impassioned and lucid expositor of some very recondite concepts, with that rare ability . . . to convey the continued relevance and urgency of philosophy for our distracted times

    Josh Cohen, Guardian
  • [Neiman] is not only a fine analyst but an acute stylist too, both scintillating and self-disciplined - a very rare thing in a philosopher

    Jonathan Ree, Times Literary Supplement
  • This elegant and accessible book is the philosophical kick up the arse my generation desperately needs

    Tom Slater, Spiked
  • To the barricades, armed with reason: Susan Neiman makes the case for toppling society's infantilism. Plumbing the depths of philosophy, she has written the most important book of the hour

    Katrin Schuhmacher, MDR Figaro
  • Neiman makes the case not only for thinking but for political engagement. Her passion eliminates any sort of pedantry

    Birgit Schmidt, Tagesanzeiger
  • The way Neiman interprets the Kantian idea of growing up - that of a never-ending task - has something subversive, and that's almost enough to make one young again

    Peter Praschl, Die Welt
  • Neiman's view on using philosophy to guide ourselves into adulthood is a wonderful example of how the writings of past philosophers can be applied to our current lives. Her writing is accessible for those without a background in philosophy, and her book is a pleasant introduction to those unfamiliar with Kant and Rousseau

    Scott Duimstra, Library Journal
  • [A] small book of big ideas

    Kate Tuttle, Boston Globe

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