• An epic . . . the book on the conflict remembered this year 100 years on

    Sunday Sport
  • A fascinating mix of fact, legend and fiction . . . this is storytelling at its best

    Daily Mail
  • The whole thing is a tour de force of writing brilliance, and it's great to know that in five years' time, Stewart will have delivered a book for each of the first world war years. A totally enjoyable experience, a brilliant start to a terrific project.

    Books Monthly
  • Unarguably heart-warming... will leave any reader with a sense of British pride

  • Truly a book that educates while entertaining, a talent of this best-selling author

    Historical Novel Review
  • A sensational historical piece . . . captures the realism of the war and the people involved. Readers will finally be able to get an insider's view to the battle that happened in June 1914. Fast-paced, thrilling, and absolutely spectacular

    San Francisco Book Review