• Anne Applebaum's Red Famine - powerful, relentless, shocking, compelling - will cement her deserved reputation as the leading historian of Soviet crimes.

    Daniel Finkelstein, The Times
  • Magisterial and heartbreaking

    Simon Sebag Montefiore, Evening Standard
  • It remains a tragedy too little known. Applebaum's book, compelling in its detail and in its empathy with those who suffered, will do much to remedy that ignorance and to place the current crises and confrontations in Ukraine into a longer historical context

    Nick Rennison, The Sunday Times
  • A vivid and informative account of the Ukrainian famine

    Sheila Fitzpatrick, Guardian
  • Anne Applebaum has written an exhaustive, authoritative and eloquent book. She deals with questions that have hitherto lacked unequivocal answers

    Donald Rayfield, Literary Review
  • Red Famine, superbly researched and written, shows how blind adherence to ideology can bring murder most foul

    Ian Thomson, Tablet
  • Applebaum has painstakingly mined a vast array of sources, many of which were not available when the historian Robert Conquest wrote his pioneering history

    Adam Hochschild, The New York Times
  • What has come to light, and what Ms Applebaum synthesises in lucid and vigorous prose, is a devastating circumstantial case. Red Famine presents a Bolshevik government so hell-bent on extracting wealth and controlling labour that it was willing to confiscate the last remaining grain from hungry peasants (mostly but not exclusively in Ukraine) and then block them from fleeing famine-afflicted areas to search for food

  • Her account will surely become the standard treatment of one of history's great political atrocities. ... Russians of today can decide whether they wish to accept a Stalinist version of the past. But to have that choice, they need a sense of the history. This is one more reason to be grateful for this remarkable book.

    Timothy Snyder, Washington Post

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