Henry VI (Penguin Monarchs)

Henry VI (Penguin Monarchs)


'No other medieval king had such demonstrably serious mental health issues; no other king was so notoriously susceptible to those around him; no other king was so clearly uninterested in the business of government'

Henry VI, son of the all-conquering Henry V, was one of the least successful of English kings, whose weakness bankrupted the nation and led to the Wars of the Roses. Yet was he always a foolish puppet? This groundbreaking portrait pieces together the evidence to show a manifestly decent man trapped in a role to which he was utterly unsuited.

About the author

James Ross

James Ross is Senior Lecturer in Late Medieval History at the University of Winchester. He has published extensively on late medieval England, its politics and government, and is the author of John de Vere, Thirteenth Earl of Oxford, 1442-1513. 'The Foremost Man of the Kingdom'
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