• Magnificent. Beautifully written, immaculately researched and thoroughly absorbing from start to finish. A tour de force that explains how Europe's cultural life transformed during the course of the 19th century - and so much more.

    Peter Frankopan
  • Magnificent and utterly gripping: European identity, culture and commerce through the lives of three remarkable individuals, the book for our times.

    Philippe Sands
  • It plunged me into another world. I learned so much and was carried away by the intelligence and fluidity of the style - a combination which is unbeatable.

    Antonia Fraser
  • [There are] a multitude of fascinating pieces of information to be gleaned from Orlando Figes's magisterial and wide-ranging book The Europeans ... Relevant, trenchant and searching.

    William Boyd, The Guardian
  • Meticulously detailed, exhaustively researched and written with Figes's characteristic verve, The Europeans is a sweeping tour de force and a monumental work of historical synthesis.

    Julian Coman, The Observer
  • Figes in his maturity is a fine, subtle writer with a nice eye for detail and clever with structure. I finished the book entertained, informed and armed with the kinds of insights and questions that will keep me happily going for the rest of the year.

    David Aaronovitch, The Times
  • Remarkable ... Orlando Figes is a fine historian who combines scholarly detail with readability. His wide-ranging book touches on a multitude of subjects. But at its heart is a love triangle - the very human story of three remarkable individuals whose lives he has resurrected with great sympathy and insight.

    Nick Rennison, Daily Mail
  • Timely, brilliant and hugely enjoyable ... A magnificently humane book, written with supple grace but firmly underpinned by meticulous scholarship.

    Rupert Christiansen, Sunday Telegraph
  • Extraordinary ... It is a world of cultural sophistication and emotional complexity played out against a backdrop of breath-taking economic and technological progress.

    Lesley Chamberlain, Financial Times
  • Orlando Figes's majestic, passionately engaged The Europeans could hardly be more timely. Huge in scope yet packed with detail, it's a riveting account of the emergence of 19th-century pan-European culture ... Most thought-provoking is how alive this history still feels today.

    Steph Power, BBC Music Magazine

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