• If Oscar Wilde was correct that "history is gossip," then Bassett serves up a delicious cocktail of the very best kind-polite, learned, and insightful, merely leavened with touches of history and geopolitics, making one thirsty for more. ... A memoir can breathe life into history, and this is indeed Bassett's achievement as he breathes new life into shattered kingdoms, their now-moldering cast of characters, and all of the fascinating stories that would otherwise vanish with them.

    Kevin J. McNamara, Kirk Centre
  • With these vivid, wistful memoirs, he joins the great chroniclers of Europe - the Prousts, Zweigs, Lampedusas, Leigh-Fermors and Bassanis

  • A charming, imaginative and elegantly written memoir of his adventures in central Europe

    Victor Sebestyen, Evening Standard
  • A gem of a book ... a charming and engaging memoir of a world now gone

    Clovis Meath Baker, Standpoint